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ARM completed self-audit and said that it can continue to cooperate with Huawei.

Previously affected by the US policy, ARM has partially suspended cooperation with Huawei. But the latest news is that related business is recovering. At the beginning of the US ban, many companies suspended their business with Huawei for compliance review. But now, ARM has completed a legal review and has confirmed that it will once again conduct comprehensive business cooperation with Huawei.

As a UK company offering chip design IP, ARM's intellectual property is on almost every smartphone.

But in fact, in September, ARM confirmed that the relevant architecture originated in the UK, so it can continue to cooperate with Huawei.

On Friday, an ARM spokesperson said in an interview with Reuters:

After a comprehensive review of the ARM v8-A architecture and next-generation products, we believe that we can continue to provide technical support to Huawei HiSilicon. Since both architectures have been identified as coming from the UK, ARM is actively working with officials from relevant departments to communicate with any of its partners, HiSilicon.

ARM said it still has the confidence to conduct business operations within the scope of the rules.

Obviously, in the face of the inability to use Google Play's limitations, Huawei can also ease it through its own mobile operating system.

However, if the mainstream ARM chip design scheme in the current market is limited by policies, it is much more difficult for the company to find another breakthrough.