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Foreign media: iPhone is more important than ever before

At first glance, Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings iPhone sales continued to be sluggish. Instead, wearable devices and service content performed well. However, foreign media “Business Insider” pointed out that for the current Apple, the importance of the iPhone is even better. In the past.

Wearables are strong, almost the same size as the Mac series, and service revenue has grown a lot. Both departments performed better than analysts expected, offsetting the iPhone's falling revenue again.

"Business Insider" pointed out that although Apple continues to develop different areas and shift its focus to services and wearable devices, the existence of the iPhone is now more important than ever. The biggest reason is that although Apple's new services or devices don't have to be available through the iPhone, you have to use the iPhone to get the best results.

For Apple, the next stage of growth will not be how to sell more iPhones to boost revenue, but how to earn more revenue from existing iPhone users.

"Business Insider" said that maybe this is why Apple has not announced the iPhone sales figures since last year.

Apple currently has 900 million iPhone users worldwide, making the company's ability to expand into new areas affirmed by industry experts and analysts.

In addition to WearPods, Apple Watch and other wearable devices, Apple Card can also help Apple consolidate the ecosystem. "CNBC" pointed out in August that even if Apple Card can not increase the service income, or assist the company to enter the financial industry, as long as the user can not be separated from the Apple iPhone, increasing brand loyalty is a great success.

In the global mobile phone market, which has been stagnant for several consecutive quarters, such a strategy is very important. Through the financial reports in these two quarters, Apple has successfully proved that it is not a company with only an iPhone. Instead, it can borrow from the past iPhone. The cornerstone of the road, the road will be wider and wider.