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The US asked to limit the supply of chips to Huawei? TSMC: No such thing

The Financial Times quoted people familiar with the matter. The United States is trying to persuade the Taiwanese government to limit TSMC’s supply of chips to Huawei, and hopes that Taiwan will strengthen its control over mainland technology exports. The party TSMC responded today that there was no such thing.

Since the US government imposed a substantial pressure on Huawei, the supply of Huawei to Huawei companies has been blocked. Although Huawei has not been seriously affected, the US government has been reluctant to throw out "controls."

According to the Economic Daily, Taiwan’s Acting spokesman Sun Youwen pointed out that this new “control” rumor has no such thing.

Sun Youwen said that the US government did not require TSMC to ship to Huawei. As for whether it received US information, it should be responded to by the government.

At the same time, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan said today (4) that it did not receive relevant information from the US and did not take any action prohibited.

TSMC has made it clear that it has been discussed with American lawyers. In the absence of wafer manufacturing equipment, TSMC's products shipped to Huawei are based on US technology content of no more than 25%, and there is still a distance from 25%. . Therefore, there is no need to change the supply of Huawei.